Program - music

Johny Voners - Et alors...

‘Xavierke' is now also known as an ardent songster. In this new show Voners will perform Dutch versions of songs by 'his' Charles Aznavour.
18 Oct
02.00 PM

Michel Wuyts - Dag en nacht koers

Koers is a circus full of drama and heroes during the day, but in the evening the masks slip. Sports journalist Michel Wuyts tells you great stories and fun facts. Sometimes humorous, sometimes painful.
26 Oct
08.30 PM

Mandolinman - Bazaar Bizar

Four mandolin players who know how to turn kitsch into pure art. They accompany three celebrities. Never-ending musicianship shines in an original and inventive grande soirée de revue.
09 Nov
08.30 PM

The Flying Pickets - Strike Again

Rather than a run-of-the-milla capella group The Flying Pickets are world-class! Using their voices as instruments, they have managed to imprint worldwide hits on our collective memory. Too good to miss! The Flying Pickets are back!
15 Mar
08.30 PM

Tutu Puoane - Tales by the Moonlight

Magical legends from all over the world, with a sophisticated musical twist. Tutu performs with some of the world's leading musicians, for an increasingly wider audience. Thanks to this project, the South African phenomenon is attracting more and more enthusiastic audiences.
22 Mar
08.30 PM

JL Band - Last but not least: a tribute to James Last

‘Tribute to James Last’ is a biographical and nostalgic tribute to the man. He was the most innovative leader of popular orchestras and big bands after the Second World War. Jos Loffens offers an impressive sample of James Last's unique instrumental body of work.
26 Apr
08.30 PM