GC de Bosuil wordt des Duivels!

WK Voetbal

Watch the 2018 World Cup on 18, 23 and 28 June on a giant screen in the Bosuil community centre.


Welcome to the Community Centre de Bosuil, one of ‘de Rand's’ seven such centres.

We offer you a wide-ranging cultural programme near to your home. Music, theatre, films, school plays and exhibitions – something to suit all tastes … It is also the chance to become acquainted with people and associations in your neighbourhood.

You may not know any Dutch or very little but do not let that put you off. Some knowledge of the Dutch language may be required in certain cases but not always. We will be delighted to help anybody keen on learning our language. And our centre is always there when you feel ready to start practising your newly acquired language skills.


Johny Voners - Et alors...

‘Xavierke' is now also known as an ardent songster. In this new show Voners will perform Dutch versions of songs by 'his' Charles Aznavour.
18 Oct

4Hoog - Hut (3+)

Big Brother can do anything: live in a hut, talk to rabbits, make birds whistle. Little Sister likes to be there: collecting apples together, scraping carrots and sleeping in pyjamas. Intimate, beautiful, compelling and entertaining theatre. 4Height does it again!
21 Oct

Michel Wuyts - Dag en nacht koers

Koers is a circus full of drama and heroes during the day, but in the evening the masks slip. Sports journalist Michel Wuyts tells you great stories and fun facts. Sometimes humorous, sometimes painful.
26 Oct

Mandolinman - Bazaar Bizar

Four mandolin players who know how to turn kitsch into pure art. They accompany three celebrities. Never-ending musicianship shines in an original and inventive grande soirée de revue.
09 Nov

Compagnie Gorilla - Ik zit hier! (2+)

Climbing, running and jumping. Swinging, throwing, pulling and pushing. 'I'm behind the curtain. You have to find me.' Two actors dance while having fun and moving exquisitely. Listen to the sound of your child laughing. Recognizable? A new company with an entertaining and carefully thought-out danc
18 Nov


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