Compagnie Gorilla - Ik zit hier! (2+)

Climbing, running and jumping. Swinging, throwing, pulling and pushing. Yelling, dancing, singing.

Counting, measuring, checking. Laughing and being happy. I AM HERE!

'I'm behind the curtain. You have to find me.' About big and small things. About the beautiful and the ugly. About the fat ones and the thin ones. About seeing and not seeing. About searching and often finding. About giving up and not falling. Or falling anyway. And being hurt.

Two actors dance while having fun and moving exquisitely. Listen to the sound of your child laughing. This new company will treat you to an entertaining and cleverly crafted dance theatre performance.

After the show, the company offers the audience an opportunity for discovery.


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family, Abo 18-19


GC de Bosuil
Witherendreef 1
3090 Overijse