Program - Family

Tamboerijnen - O Grote Joegoert! (3+)

‘O Grote Joegoert!’ is a philosophically inclined music theatre production. Veering between enthusiastic heights and calm interludes, the show's focus is a reflection of the performers' love of pure, authentic music. The interaction with the audience is an invitation to join in with the laughter, si
17 Oct
11.00 AM

Compagnie Gorilla - Geluk(t) (3+)

They discover happiness under blocks. Only through laughter can they achieve happiness. ‘Geluk(t)’ is a performance about getting to know new things. Learning to appreciate what you have not yet encountered. And not understanding each other? That can be fun!
21 Nov
11.00 AM

Sinterklaasfeest - De spiekpietjes Minimusical (3+)

In this musical, you will learn everything you need to know to become a Spiekpietje. After the musical, Santa may well decide to present each child with a Spiekpietje certificate.
04 Dec
02.00 PM