If you want to sit next to each other during a performance, you can order all your tickets all in one go, to ensure the members of your bubble are sitting next to each other.


The ticket system guarantees sufficient space between the different bubbles.


You can help us in our bid to ensure corona-free events.

Stay at home, if you are feeling unwell!

  • Disinfect your hands before entering the premises.  
  • Wear a face mask.
  • Stay 1.5 m away from others.

Some children and adults face a higher risk of coronavirus infection. You are not sure if you have an increased risk? Further details (children/adults).

Sprookjes Enzo - Click (3+)

An interactive circus arts performance for children aged 3 and over. Come with stars in your eyes. We'll take care of the lighting. Click.
16 May
11.00 AM

Ellen Smets Theater - Vreemde vogel (2+)

Teun and Tijn set off on an adventure, together with Broemmm. Broemmm is their car. They do not know where they are going. What are all those noises? And what is that strange bird? Is it looking for something? What does it want? An entertaining show for children.
30 May
11.00 AM

Dr. Babbelkous - Het lichaam - Taalstage Nederlands

16 Aug until 20 Aug
The school holidays are the ideal moment for children to participate in relaxing and enjoyable activities, and so that is the period when Panta Rhei and vzw ´de Rand´ organize creative and instructive language apprenticeships for all children from 4 to 9 years of age for whom Dutch is not their nat
16 Aug