Erhan Demirci, Han Coucke & Latif Ait - De Leeuwen van Vlaanderen

Roaring, clawing, but always with a smile, these three fine fellows manage to dissect Flemish behaviour, language and culture. It starts with the classic 'The Lion of Flanders'. What follows is an entertaining theatre performance with lashings of humour.
19 Mar
08.30 PM

Hendrick-Jan de Stuntman ontmoet Merel Kam - Springtime (2,5+)

A man and woman hanging from springs. They jump, and jump, and jump... into each other's arms. They are happy, and will be happy for a long time to come. It's like a silent movie, but a very good one! You don't know why, but you're going to love this!
26 Apr
12.30 PM

De Tamboerijnen - Mes Amis (3+)

Friends laughing together, singing together, being scared together, and singing again to forget the scary experience. Together of course. Without words, but ultra-musical and full of the joy of dancing, these friends will bring the sun into your springtime.
17 May
11.00 AM