Theater wortel - Hennie de Heks (3+)

A show for children, about friendship, and about loving ...

Living together is not always easy.  Even if you are the best of friends. Hennie is a likeable witch. She lives in a black house. With black chairs, black carpets, black paintings and a black bed. Helmer the cat is a good friend of Hennie's. He is also black. But he is hard to see.

One day Hennie casts a magic spell. Is that such a good idea?

The show features dolls, silhouettes and light and music specially composed for the production. The dialogues are simple yet beautiful. The actors speak, but the story is visual.  Most things can be understood without words.


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family, Abo 20-21


GC de Bosuil
Witherendreef 1
3090 Overijse


  • Kassa: 8 euro