Sinterklaasfeest - De spiekpietjes Minimusical (3+)

Santa Claus is returning to our country. He wants to know who has been behaving themselves. Are there any naughty children? He is assisted by the 'Spiekpietjes' (Santa's tiniest helpers).

They are in the children's home or in a classroom. They are in the strangest places. They work together with Santa Claus to ensure all the presents are delivered on time. Everyone is happy! In this musical, you will learn everything you need to know to become a Spiekpietje. After the musical, Santa may well decide to present each child with a Spiekpietje certificate.


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family, Abo 21-22


GC de Bosuil
Witherendreef 1
3090 Overijse


  • Kassa: 14 euro
  • Uitpastarief via balie