Piano voor beginners - Vorming

You will never get the hang of a piano concerto but would like to do a spot of comping, improvisation or accompaniment? In a small group setting you will be taught the basic chords and how to play them on the piano. You cannot avoid practising scales, but an enjoyable playing experience will make up for all the hours of theory. For beginners, no prior knowledge is required. We provide the pianos.

If you would like to rent a piano for 1 year to explore your budding talent in the comfort of your own home, find out all about the hire-purchase option on offer at

Saturday: 14/09-28/09-5/10-12/10-19/10-9/11-16/11-23/11-7/12-14/12

Beginners from 16.00 hrs. till 17.00 hrs. 

Advanced from 17.00 hrs. till 18.00 hrs. 


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  • Kassa: 150 euro