Old junk, new objects - Crea-atelier

Sunday morning is a fun time to do something together. In this studio, children work together with mum or dad to decorate, carpentry and painting. These workshops are for children from 4 to 8 years and a (grand) parent.

We all do it. Storing and collecting boxes full of little treasures. But then what do we do with them? We give them a new lease of life! Old junk? We do not know the meaning of the expression! Everything becomes new and valuable again during R-use day.

Sunday 31 march 2019 from 10.00 till 12.00 o'clock.

Price: 12 euro (child + parent) or 60 euro (child + parent) for the entire series.

Sunday 21 october 2018 - Working with wood (Week van het bos)
Sunday 18 november 2018 - Painting (Kinderkunstendag)
Sunday 27 january 2019 - Paper and cardboard festival
Sunday 17 february 2019 - Fun with letters
Sunday 31 march 2019 - Old junk, new objects (R-Bruikdag)
Sunday 12 may 2019 - Turning drawings into soft toys

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