Program - Workshop

Babymassage en peuteryoga - Vorming

A baby massage is a wonderful experience to enjoy with your baby. You are gradually introduced to techniques to help you learn more about your child.
09 May
10.15 AM

Making jewellery - Jonna stages

As mommies are special people we will all be making a gift for her. She will look even prettier with a broach or a chain we make ourselves. Long live mommy!
14 May
10.00 AM

Fietsreparatie - Vorming

The secret to having a bicycle you can count on using for a long time is maintenance.
17 May
07.00 PM

Dansavond - Vorming

If you like exciting music and dancing with a partner and if you are keen to get your dancing legs going, let two cheerful souls, Nico Hendrickx and Wendy Dewolf, teach you how to draw upon your body's resources to dance to the right music and offer you optional instructions. You will be positively
23 May
08.00 PM

Babycafé: Thematafels - Eating and exercise

Healthy eating and exercise are inextricably linked, which is why the regional nursing staff of Kind en Gezin (Child and Family) are keen to offer you comprehensive information about the subject.
13 Jun
10.00 AM